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Transformation Recovery Services provides a full array of individualized therapeutic services for men, women and families we serve with Therapy, Life Coaching, Interventions and Case Management. 

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Case Management

We offer complete case management service. Let us help. Call today.


We have help for you, your family, loved one or a friend. Call today learn how we can help.

Life Coaching

Are you maximizing your many gifts? Your recovery? Call today and find out how.


Need help deciding whether to take action to save a life? Call us now!

Professional Case Managment

Transformational Recovery Services has professional referral relationships with organizations across the United States. Contact us for assistance with treatment plans, interventions and case management needs.

Life is often demanding and it’s perfectly natural to become stuck in any number of adverse and habituated, negative thought patterns which cause great stress and unhappiness. All our services are integrated with mindfulness practices, and teach resource skills that build resilience, confidence and competence to deal with life’s challenges and circumstances along the way.

– Bill Coleman  Founder and Therapist




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